About this wordpress

Hello there, my name is Sarah (or Saz as many choose to call me) and welcome to my blog, pedagogyuk!

I am currently a student who is studying a BA (hons) in Youth and Community Work, I also have a couple of part-time jobs within the field of ‘Youth and Community Work’. This blog aims to explore social issues and social change concerning young people, communities and wider society. Also this blog space will be used as a form of reflection for my own practice, which can then be accessed by others so feel free to comment as much as you like, I like feedback!!

You may or may not have come across the term ‘Pedagogy’ before, in a simplified way it could be interpreted as a form or method of education/working with people that uses critical reflection and information sharing as a way of development. Pedagogy can be and has been used in areas of development such as education, community work, youth work and other work that involves people.

I choose to use the title ‘pedagogyuk’ for my blog because I wanted to create a space within which I can express contemporary issues (primarily concerned with, but not confined to the UK) and to hear the expressions of others on similar issues globally.

Credit to Paulo Freire for explaining pedagogy during his writings (such as ‘pedagogy of the oppressed) which I accessed as a result of my degree reading list!


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